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"Step inside to find soothing sound, low lighting and a marvelous table for relaxing massage. Kristine knows exactly how to touch, knead and apply pressure to relieve chronic pain as well as acute injury. She has been a life saver to my spine. I leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. Her hands are priceless.

R.B. 9/11/15

"Kristine is fantastic! I'd tried several local massage therapists, but after I found Kristine, about 6 months ago, my search was over. I suffer from chronic low back pain. Kristine works around the injured area perfectly and often does as well as my chiropractor in relieving the pain. Her rates are very reasonable, and her massages are the best I've ever had! 

FYI: she sometimes brings her (beautiful and very quiet) dog to the office with her, so if you have a dog allergy, you'll probably want to opt for a house call instead of going to the office."

B.L. 10/5/13

"The ambiance was perfect- soft lighting, tasteful relaxing music and the most wonderful warmed hydraulic massage table. Kristine is simply the best in town. After trying several of these Groupon/Living Social massage deals, this is the only spa I left wanting to return. I have worked in the spa industry and have tried many massage therapists, and Kristine is one of the most skilled and intuitive massage therapists I have met."

J.D. 1/10/12

"I have been going to Kristine for years now and she is truly the BEST - She has got healing hands! My whole family goes to see her frequently and I send all my friends her way!"

L.S. 12/9/11

"I recently moved to the area and was looking for a regular massage therapist. I was so happy when I found Kristine. She's great and I always leave feeling a TON better than when I come in, I've recommended her to everyone I know in the area."

J.A. 12/6/11

"Oh my! What can I say about Ms. Pita?!! I went through so many other therapists and stopped once I found her. What I like the most is that she definitely knows how to handle the body in a strong therapeutic yet relaxing way! I have never found such a combination in another. When leaving, I am ALWAYS rejuvenated, refreshed and my body is the better for it. I haven't received a bad massage from her ever! I recommend her to every and anyone!" 

J.S. 7/29/11

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