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121 S Estes Dr

Suite 204A

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Office Complex Adjacent to the

University Place (formerly University Mall) Post Office.

Overly Detailed Directions:

Coming from 15/501/Fordham Blvd, turn onto S. Estes Dr., University Place (formerly University Mall) should be on your right.

After the light at Willow Dr., Turn RIGHT into the **6th** entrance, (1st & 2nd are for wells fargo; 3rd & 4th are for the post office, 5th & 6th are for Professional Village), just past the "Bus Stop" sign.

You should see a low-to-the-ground brick sign that reads "Chapel Hill 121 Professional Village" that is hiding in the bushes.

Once in the parking lot, you should then come over a speed bump.

Park in that section just past the speed bump, on the left hand side (not absolutely can park anywhere but this makes it easier to orient yourself).

You should be facing "Brown Brothers Plumbing."Our stairs are to the right of Brown Brothers Plumbing.

FYI: this is the ONLY staircase that will take you up to our section of the building, NOT the stairs for Haven Medical, and NOT the stairs for Happy Tooth.

* There is NO elevator access

* 204A is NOT above 104A

*We are in the only section of the complex that you can drive under like a bridge or overpass.

Once you reach the top of the stairs, we are on the far end. The sign reads "Spa Massage By Kristine & Wellness Associates," which you should be able to see from below in the parking lot in case these directions are at all confusing.

If you come from Franklin Street, our complex is on the left, directly across the street from Wake Radiology (white building just before the Community Center Park & Rose Garden)

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